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Family News

Stones give Jason a painful reminder

This photo was taken just a day after Jason spent a day in bed due to the pain of his kidney stones. Despite the pain, nothing was passed and so it could occur again at any time. The doctor's orders are to drink as much as possible- preferably beer since the malt and the alcohol are particularly good for passing kidney stones. These aren't easy instructions to follow if you've ever tasted Egyptian beer. Currently Jason is trying to force down 500ml of beer a day.

Good-bye Grandma

Jason's Mum left Egypt after her six week visit on 19th of December. Fortunately this meant that she could take all of our Christmas post with her! She hopes to return for a three month visit starting sometime in January. She always said that she doesn't like the English winters and so hopes to escape. During her last visit she helped with looking after the children, cooked meals, did the ironing, washed up . . . etc. No wonder everyone wants her to return!


News in Brief . . .

Which Christmas?
Christmas in Egypt is usually celebrated on January 7th in accordance with the orthodox calendar and is the traditional date of the visit of the Magi. We celebrated on the 25th of December along with the other Westerners. We went to a series of carol concerts and parties but were glad to spend Christmas day together just as a family.

Winter weather
Temperatures can drop to about 10 degrees Celsius at night during the winter, but in the day time it can still reach about 20 degrees. The temperatures can be a problem at night because there is no central heating in the flats- everything is built for the heat! The girls go to bed in thick pajamas, socks and jumpers on. At least the weather stays fairly dry!


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