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Esther's Diary

Welcome to my diary. My name is Esther and I am two years old. I was born in Egypt and I like living here very much. Mummy and Daddy have helped me to write this diary of a typical week.


Sunday is our family day, where we spend the whole day together and Mummy and Daddy aren't allowed to do any work. On this particular Sunday we went to a hotel in a place called Maadi which is a 40 minute drive away. It is a long drive in the heat but at the end of it we had a nice swim in the hotel's swimming pool. Later we had a meal. Everyone else ate barbequed meat but I just preferred to eat chips. On the way back I went to sleep in the car and it took ages for me to get to sleep at bedtime.


On Monday I went to the supermarket. The supermarket which we go to is a 20 minute drive away but Mummy and Daddy say that it has lots of variety. I used to go in the trolley in the child's seat but now I prefer to get under Mummy and Daddy's feet. We often take two trolleys now, one to put Lydia in with her car seat, and another for the shopping.


Tuesday started like any other day - me and Hannah woke up Mummy so she could get our breakfast. Daddy had his usual lie-in and got up ages after everyone else. In the afternoon Daddy asked if we would like to go to a place called Medeenit Salaam (City of Peace). Here Daddy talks to children who live on the street during the day, but three times a week they can go to a special school started by Daddy's friend. After we arrived we were surrounded by lots of children who spoke to us in Arabic; I tried to ignore them all but one girl picked me up and carried me round. I decided that being carried everywhere wasn't so bad. She showed me the work they had been doing with Daddy, it looked very interesting.


Wednesday is our day to see Fadia. She is Daddy and Hannah's Arabic teacher but she calls us her grandchildren. (I'm not sure what our real grandparents will think of that). Daddy dropped us off in the car in the morning and Hannah had her lesson while I played. After Hannah's lesson finished we played together whilst Fadia gave a lesson to someone else. At lunchtime Fadia made some nice Egyptian food for me and Hannah. The Egyptians eat a lot of bread and rice but I like ALL food anyway. Fadia is always talking to us in Arabic but she seems to understand when I talk back in English. Later in the Afternoon Daddy picked us up again and we went and told Mummy what we did. She also tells us what she did too, apparently she can get a lot more done around the flat when we are not around but I don't quite understand why.


On Thursday Hannah and I had a great time playing in the flat. Part of Hannah's school work is to do a project on teddy bears, so we thought it would be a good idea to have a teddy bear's picnic at teatime. We put the picnic blanket in the middle of the floor and we each brought one teddy bear with us to share the picnic. Mummy and Daddy were quite lazy because they got other people called Pizza Hut to bring the picnic, but it was nice anyway.


Friday is the day we go to church in Egypt. Mummy always seems to be in a rush to get us ready in the morning and we always seem to rush out of our flat to the car with Daddy telling us to hurry up. We usually get there just in time. After the singing Daddy took me to the creche where I played with other children, and Mummy took Hannah to the Sunday school whilst she fed Lydia. After Church we usually eat out somewhere. This time we went to Arby's and I had chips for lunch.


In the morning Hannah and I played together while Mummy and Daddy got ready for a meeting. We continued Hannah's teddy bear theme by making our very own teddy bear masks. My eyes holes were too far apart so I could only look out of one eye. Later we played a game where Mummy hid our teddy bears in our bedroom and we had to find them again. That was really good fun. I tried to hide the teddy bears myself but everyone found them very quickly. We had lunch at the meeting with friends from around Cairo. I later played a lot with Schuyler, who is three years old. He is a boy so he likes to play with cars and water pistols.


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