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Cairo Update

About Cairo Update:

Cairo Update is the name of an E-mail sent on a regular basis to friends of the Fell family who are interested in their work in Egypt.

It was initially sent in October 1997 to two recipients in the Fells last UK Church in Oswestry, Shropshire. The aim was to keep friends informed of the latest happenings in Cairo. Upon request the list grew and now about 50 people receive it.

The content of Cairo Update usually relates to everyday life in Cairo or family life and it's tone is informal and personal. Here you have an opportunity to read previous issues of Cairo Update.


Date Sent Subject Title
03-OCT-1997 Cooling Down Now
10-OCT-1997 Problem Teenagers
20-OCT-1997 English Visitors
24-OCT-1997 Vomiting Sessions
02-NOV-1997 Survival of the Fittest
10-NOV-1997 Egyptian Tactics
18-NOV-1997 Short Notice
07-DEC-1997 Preparing for Christmas
14-DEC-1997 Egyptian Directions
22-DEC-1997 No Snow, Just Rain
05-JAN-1998 Christmas is not Quite Over Yet
20-JAN-1998 Last Minute Planning
17-FEB-1998 Still Waiting
23-FEB-1998 False Alarm
03-MAR-1998 Wearing the Carpet Thin
07-MAR-1998 Some Details
16-MAR-1998 Registering Esther
30-MAR-1998 Out and About with Esther
11-JUN-1998 Back Again
14-JUN-1998 Scorcher!
26-JUN-1998 Visit to the City of Peace
06-JUL-1998 Another Scorcher!
13-JUL-1998 Teaching the Teachers
28-JUL-1998 Last Minute Planning
10-AUG-1998 A Day Out to Ain Soukna (A Hot Spring)
17-AUG-1998 Beware of the Filter
06-SEP-1998 Not Much Happening
15-SEP-1998 Day Trip to Suez
05-OCT-1998 Out and About Like Tourists
21-OCT-1998 Beware of Tourist Touts
05-NOV-1998 The Mosquito Season
17-NOV-1998 Egyptian Dentists
02-DEC-1998 Speaking the Truth?
14-JAN-1999 Eastern Christmas
03-FEB-1999 Children's Development
19-FEB-1999 Worried Parents
18-MAR-1999 Egyptian Driving Test
15-APR-1999 Long Time
29-APR-1999 Correspondence and Thieves!
13-MAY-1999 Last Cairo Update for a While
19-AUG-1999 Summer Holiday
11-SEP-1999 Back to England
22-SEP-1999 First Day at School
04-APR-2000 Back Again
08-MAY-2000 Car Problems and Egyptian Easter
30-MAY-2000 Potty, Food and Lice
21-JUN-2000 The Joys of Parenthood, and Paying Vitimins
09-AUG-2000 Scorcher
19-SEP-2000 Visit to Sinai
16-OCT-2000 I've seen the light!
28-NOV-2000 Stone me!
28-DEC-2000 End of Ramadan
30-JAN-2001 Living Waters
28-FEB-2001 Flying visit to the UK
31-Mar-2001 To Luxor and back
30-APR-2001 Visit to Al-minya
31-MAY-2001 Crash!
28-JUL-2001 Better late . . .
31-Aug-2001 I had a dream
28-SEP-2001 Blind, deaf . . . dumb?
02-DEC-2001 Pancakes, bacon and roast potatoes!
16-JAN-2002 What rotten weather we've been having
27-JAN-2002 Here we go again!
29-JAN-2002 Confused?
18-MAR-2002 Coaxed into service
03-JUN-2002 How for you can here message when him not properly is speaching?


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