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Cairo Update

Date Written:
  24 October 1997
  Vomiting Sessions
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Alison and I have spent most of the day in bed having had several vomiting sessions last night. We've obviously both eaten something that has caused it but we can't think what. Fortunately Hannah is completely unaffected.

It started last night, we ordered a take-away but I didn't feel like eating it (a beef sandwich) so I put it in the fridge. For the next couple of hours I felt a bit off but I thought that it would pass- Alison started to feel the same. I had a phone call and during the conversation I had to tell the lady - "I'm sorry, I'll have to pass you over to Alision- I think I'm going to be sick . . ." I just managed to get to the bathroom sink in time (I couldn't even make it to the toilet). Alison couldn't face cleaning the sick up from the sink so I had to try to put it in a carrier bag by scooping it out with my hand (I assume you wanted ALL the details, right?). It remained quite tepid and it was the tomato skins that blocked the plughole.

I thought that would be the end of it- not so! I was determined to get a good night's sleep because I was leading the worship at my church today. Unfortunately I had to make several journeys to the bathroom to be sick but by this time it started to affect Alison too. We were taking it in turns, one after the other to use the toilet to be sick. Even when there was nothing more to bring up. These vomiting sessions were about 30 minutes apart- so after Alison finished hers I knew I'd be back in after half an hour. We tried to make light of the situation, I remember saying to her at one point- "That's 3-2 to me now love, I'm beating you now!"

This happened through the night as well as diarrhoea! I got hardly any sleep but when the morning came I had to make a decision about what to do about the service. I was supposed to be playing the guitar with another lady but I was reluctant to hand it all over to her- she would have had a heart-attack at the thought. I decided to try to get started and see how far I get. Alison phoned a friend at church to ask him to be the "stand-by" in case I had to run out of the service at any point!

After arriving at the church I started to feel better and the whole service went without a hitch! For a lot of the time I was running on "automatic pilot" but at least I managed to get to the end without further problems. Because of a lack of fluids (and my reluctance to take them in case I brought them back up again) I felt like a prune, but I didn't want to drink anything without a toilet being within comfortable running distance.

When I arrived back Alison had already had breakfast and brought it back up again so I decided to not even try! I managed to keep down some drink. I phoned a doctor friend here to cancel my attendance at a children's meeting (it is easier to find a replacement for this) and to ask her for some advice on what to take. She gave me the name of a drug to help to clean my insides but this was not for Alison. Instead Alison was prescribed fresh lemon juice, slightly diluted- apparently this is quite good for disinfecting the stomach! We've been taking our medicines and we've basically been having a day of recovery- both lying down with Hannah playing around us.

I've just had a couple of cartons of yogurt and they seem to be staying put. We can both hold down liquids now and we'll probably start to eat bread tomorrow.

Alison phoned the gynaecologist to ask about the baby. The doctor said that there is nothing to worry about since the baby can comfortably go without the mother eating anything for 24 hours but there would be a problem if she couldn't keep down the liquids (which isn't the case now). Alison has been prescribed a suppositary in case there are further difficulties in keeping down the food but she's managed to hold down 2 handfuls of crisps and some yogurt.

The cause of the stomach upsets are a mystery to us becase we both ate different foods at different times yesterday. There is an outside chance that we might have inadvertantly drank some tap water but I'm not sure about this. My medical CD explains our symtoms as being typical of eating contaminated dairy products like milk or cream but neither of us ate these yesterday, neither do we have any other flu symtoms (apart from aching all over) so that's ruled out too, the mystery deepens!

Anyway, the weather is cooling down for us now which means that we don't need the fans on in the day now. At night we need to have a sheet over us and in the morning my feet are sometimes cold- can't remember the last time that I had this sensation!

Let us know when you get the video from Wallace and Creidwen, send them our love.

That's all for now, I think that by tomorrow we should be back on top of things.

The copy of last week's update failed to get faxed to Elfed although I tried several times, Dave, could you please send a copy of it to him. I'll let you know if this one gets through to him in due course.


Jason, Alison and Hannah

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It's a Fact!

Facts about Egypt:

  • Egypt's population is 66 Million

  • Egypt is four times the size of the UK

  • Only 3% of the land can be used for arable crops

  • Cairo has 18 million people and is growing by 1 millon each year.

  • Cairo is the Largest city in Africa and the Middle East

  • Official literacy rate is only 45%

  • A total of 11 languages are spoken in Egypt

  • Public Debt per person is $790

  • Average annual income is $630

  • Unemployment is estimated to be 17%

  • Religion: Approx. 85% Muslim and 15% Christian

  • Most Christians are affiliated to the Orthodox Church, less than 1% of the population are Protestant

  • There are an estimated 100,000 street children in Cairo.


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