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Cairo Update

Date Written:
  20 October 1997
  English Visitors
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Earlier today we travelled to Port Said to see Wallace and Ceridwen! It was great to see them again - our only visitors so far from England.

They brought us lots of news from home and some nice goodies! We spent the morning looking around the town together (it is very "touristy") . . . then we went to pizza hut for lunch. We talked for a long time and it was so nice to see familiar faces. No doubt they will update you themselves on all of our news when they get back.

Along with some other things we passed on a video (to be copied via Mike and Maria) to be shown to anyone who wants to see it- we've been careful about it's contents. Please feel free to show it at either/or the normal regular meeting, members' meeting or the smaller house meetings, but either way, as many as possible just to let them know how we are getting on. We are so aware of many people who feel that they are part of what we are doing here. We were very busy yesterday (this is normal for a Friday) but it didn't help taking the video throughout the day. Overall we are pleased with the result and feel that perhaps it was worth it!!

We've been buying and re-arranging furniture in our flat to make a nice home base for which to bring people back to- we feel that it is an important part of what we do here. It is always a challenge to get the best results with the least amount of money as possible but it is all coming together now. For the rest of the week we were busy without much to show for it at the end (isn't that just typical?). Actually, I've been tying up a few loose ends and doing preparation for things next week when I have three important meetings.

The shock news for this week is that it rained! Yes, RAIN! It happened yesterday at the end of service and it only lasted for a few minutes but it was definitely water falling from the sky. This is the first time we can remember seeing rain since February so we feel that it IS something to write home about! The rest of the day was sticky and humid: 36 Degrees C (97F). This is "sleep in the afternoon" weather which Hannah does on a regular basis. Yesterday I felt that I had to too but I only got half an hour before Hannah woke me up having just come to the end of her sleep time.

That's the end of this update for another week,

Thinking of you all at this time,

Jason, Alison and Hannah

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It's a Fact!

Facts about Egypt:

  • Egypt's population is 66 Million

  • Egypt is four times the size of the UK

  • Only 3% of the land can be used for arable crops

  • Cairo has 18 million people and is growing by 1 millon each year.

  • Cairo is the Largest city in Africa and the Middle East

  • Official literacy rate is only 45%

  • A total of 11 languages are spoken in Egypt

  • Public Debt per person is $790

  • Average annual income is $630

  • Unemployment is estimated to be 17%

  • Religion: Approx. 85% Muslim and 15% Christian

  • Most Christians are affiliated to the Orthodox Church, less than 1% of the population are Protestant
  • There are an estimated 100,000 street children in Egypt



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